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Sullivan’s Best of Series (Torture Edition)

Andrew Sullivan reposted his excellent, and well documented argument against Torture. His write up from earlier this year, about the Former Cheerleader’s Administration use of “enhanced interrogation” is at once compelling and horrifying. Some graphic images are included in the … Continue reading

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The Surveillance State

In this NY Times piece a stunning revelation is made: “What he saw,” said Bruce Afran, a New Jersey lawyer representing the plaintiffs along with Carl Mayer, “was decisive evidence that within two weeks of taking office, the Bush administration … Continue reading

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The Washington political game is Decadent and Depraved.

Will the Washington press corps will return to the peak of its awesome, but normally dormant potential—much as it did during the Watergate debacle? The Washington press corps is more interested in access to naked power than its is in … Continue reading

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Sunny Side Up

“Doc” Thompson put it best (and it fully applies today) in his NYT Op/Ed piece published (subscription required) January 1, 1974 and later included The Great Shark Hunt: For now, we should make every effort to look at the bright … Continue reading

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Sully Throws the WC at Bush

Some of the more vociferous comments in the blogosphere have used the term war criminal to describe the former Cheerleader and his henchmen. Evidently it ain’t just those wild and crazy liberals anymore.

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