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Permanent Surge

I, and many others, are not convinced the so-called Surge is “working.” That is not to say that our very fine military has not completed every task assigned. They have done so, and with get sacrifice, honor and courage. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Success and Failure in a Time of Misbegotten Neverending War

More good and bad news from Iraq. First the good news: Our military continues to perform with great success! They have accomplished each assigned task with incredible bravery, skill and professionalism. Thanks to everyone who serves. Now the bad news: … Continue reading

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Conventional Wisdom and the Surge

Of late, it seems the Conventional Wisdom is that the surge is working. Ken Silverstein found an expert who says not so fast. The Surge of troops to quell the violence in Iraq may coincide with other efforts, but is … Continue reading

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