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Tyranny and Treachery in the time of a President Giuliani

Glenn Greenwald paints a bleak portrait of what a Giuliani Presidency would entail: A President Giuliani would inherit an office bestowed with such dark powers as indefinite detention, interrogation methods widely considered to be torture, vast warrantless surveillance authority, and … Continue reading

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Rudy on Offense

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A Nod’s as Good as a Wink …

Andrew Sullivan opines sweetly about a John McCain candidacy. John Cole disagrees. I believe anyone who voted for the Military Commissions Act should be closely scrutinized as to qualification to be President. An argument can be made that this legislation … Continue reading

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The Small Man in Search of a Balcony

Am I stalking Andrew Sullivan? Well, not exactly but he is one clever fellow and I love his blog–even when he’s wrong. Or, as others might like to put it–when we have differing opinions. What? Let’s call a spade a … Continue reading

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Leadership vs. Management

In this post about Fred Thompson; Andrew Sullivan links to this ABCNews.com piece by Jake Tapper and Katie Hinman. He highlighted the final paragraph and Thompson’s apparent “humble Christianity.” Interesting. But several paragraphs earlier Thompson took a swipe at Rudy … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding Torture

The Khmer Rouge practiced torture as an exquisite and horrifying method of subjugating even the mildest forms for dissent. Waterboarding was a regular treat for any dissident who didn’t end up in the Killing Fields. What the Khmer Rough knew, … Continue reading

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Obama Taking No Prisoners

Another journalist proves that Journalism School is not necessarily an institutions of higher learning. This from First Read, MSNBC.com: Giuliani went after Obama Tuesday, criticizing Obama’s plans to meet with the leaders of rogue nations without preconditions. Giuliani, speaking to … Continue reading

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