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Why Ron Paul is Important

I am not a Ron Paul supporter, and I DO NOT want him to be President. He’s an evolution denying gold bug, with a radical anti-abortion stance that precludes me from supporting him. But—I do want these important issues in … Continue reading

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Ron Paul on Evolution

Great. Another “its just a theory” response to the question of evolution. Jesus! This guy is an MD, you would think he understood that theory, as used by science, is a very precise definition. Fuck! This guy wants to be … Continue reading

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Beyond Words Indeed

This Ron Paul snippet of policy tells you exactly what his idea of freedom, liberty and life would be as President: The right of an innocent, unborn child to life is at the heart of the American ideals of liberty. … Continue reading

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The Strange World of Ardent Paul Supporters (SWAPS), Ctd

For all you left of center Ron Paul supporters, take a look at his Congressional Record before you decide he really is worthy of your vote. The list of legislation he introduced or co-sponsored should be enough for most people … Continue reading

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Ron Paul–the Real Deal (Good for Him!)

Glenn Greenwald wrote this excellent analysis of the Ron Paul candidacy. Its a good sign for America that insurgent candidates can still have a voice in American politics. Paul’s substantial grassroots support should give all of us hope that the … Continue reading

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Daddy or Nanny: Two sides of the same coin.

A substantial portion of the American people fluctuate between a desire for a sweet Nanny or a strong Daddy. The temptation to go with the team that you perceive as benefiting you and your loved ones the most, is a … Continue reading

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Ron Paul

Does Ron Paul really have a chance to take the Republican nomination? It would make for an interesting 2008 Presidential election.

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