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Sanford Returns From AT

Disgraced former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford  will run for Congress: Sanford has been expected to run for weeks, and a source close to him told The Hill earlier this week that he’d planned to announce his decision this week before saying … Continue reading

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Why Ron Paul is Important

I am not a Ron Paul supporter, and I DO NOT want him to be President. He’s an evolution denying gold bug, with a radical anti-abortion stance that precludes me from supporting him. But—I do want these important issues in … Continue reading

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Would the Karl Rove Republican hit machine keep this man from getting elected President? * He’s a Jew* He’s unemployed* He wanders in the desert and hears voices* He hangs around with a bunch of attractive young men who live … Continue reading

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Pity and Loathing in the Senate

With all the Cloture Votes that have failed in the Senate this year you would think the Republicans have always been stalwart supporters of the Minority in the august body. Nothing like getting your ass kicked in an election to … Continue reading

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Success and Failure in a Time of Misbegotten Neverending War

More good and bad news from Iraq. First the good news: Our military continues to perform with great success! They have accomplished each assigned task with incredible bravery, skill and professionalism. Thanks to everyone who serves. Now the bad news: … Continue reading

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The Unitary Executive and the Fragmented Legislature

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.–George Orwell Frank Rich writes about the fearmongering Imperial President, his consolidation of power, and the cowardly Democrats, afraid of their own shadow … Continue reading

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Denny Resigns

Former Speaker to pick up his marbles and go home after losing speakership.

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