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God Delusion

I got this in an email today. Spot on if you ask me. There was a shooting recently at a church where four people ended up being killed by some kid who was disgruntled because he couldn’t go on a … Continue reading

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Jesus is My Co-Pilot

If only we all had the same assurance of what the facts are: It’s important to understand that the message you are sharing is not merely an opinion but a fact. That’s why sharing the gospel can’t be called an … Continue reading

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Hitchens Bitch Slaps the Mitt

For better or ill, Mitt Romney gave his religion speech. Christoper Hitchens is not impressed: According to the admittedly very contradictory scriptures of the New Testament, Jesus of Nazareth warned his disciples and followers that they should expect to be … Continue reading

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Why Pasta Matters

Pastafarians finally get the publicity and recognition they deserve. All Hail the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster! Pastafarians everywhere are dancing in the streets.

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