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Dreamy Eyes

After looking into Vlad the Impudent’s eyes the former Cheerleader proclaimed he could work with the man. The man who just pimp slapped his aides. But why gloat when this dumb fuck has turned the most revered Nation in the … Continue reading

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Trust Me–I’m From the Government: And other bogus fairy tales

Condi says the Unitary Executive is a bad idea! Well….a bad idea for Vlad the Impudent Midget. He can’t be trusted with warrantless wiretaps, secret prisons, and the sterling reputation of Ekatarina Velika. “In any country, if you don’t have … Continue reading

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Bomb Daddy

While Bush is out playing Swine-in-Chief the Russians are doing this. Not to worry though. Apparently, Mommy and Daddy don’t plan on having any children. Or, was it Mommy and Daddy will make sure their aren’t any children left? Oh … Continue reading

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