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It’s Been More Than 12 Hours

Senator-elect Brown made his victory speech almost 12 hours ago. How come the economy isn’t fixed! Advertisements

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A Super Duper Survival Guide for 72 Hours of Controlled Mayhem, Politics and Nekkid People

An annual ritual of decadence and depravity looms large for millions of our fellow citizens. Tomorrow 75% of the adult male population will be shit faced by 4 PM MST. The Super Bowl begins about 20 minutes later. The four … Continue reading

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And the Award Goes to …

Josh Marshall announces the winners of the Golden Duke Awards! Go watch and see a few surprising winners, but each of them well deserved.

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Fear and Loathing: Torture in 21st Century America

Only a half-bright, atavistic scumbag would talk about “surrender” regarding a war that their freely chosen leader claimed we won more than four years ago; and would believe that the best way to fight the war on terror is to … Continue reading

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Bye, bye Pete?

The Albuquerque Journal runs a copyrighted story from AP that Pete Domenici will retire. More later.

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Things You Can’t Make Up: The Neverending Saga

NEWSFLASH: Fox Guards Hen House!

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Membership has its Privileges

Rachel Dry from the Washington Post gives us our daily dose of Senate truth as humor. Larry Craig rests his Member on the Citizens he serves. On the Senate floor on Nov. 1, 1993, while discussing the implications of such … Continue reading

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