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The Great Shark Hunt

According to K-Lo at The Corner, Saint Michael supports the boycott of TNR advertisers because TNR has not recanted the Beauchamp story. Michael Yon e-mails: I intend to support the boycott being launched by Bob Owens. Boycotts against the media … Continue reading

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Michael Yon wrote: No journalist who comes to this war with the intention of seriously covering it over the long term can also realistically hold any expectation of returning home unscathed. It’s that dangerous here. I suggest some reporting from … Continue reading

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Rorschach Journalism at its finest

Michael Yon’s fine reporting continues with a Memorial Day message. Yon’s excellent first-hand accounts of firefights can be quite compelling. The comments section of a Yon post interest me for another reason. His comment section reads like the collected responses … Continue reading

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