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The Uh-oh Moment

But it looks like Heather Wilson didn’t get Larry’s memo about Dick.

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The Aha Moment

No Dick on the Campaign Trail. We now know why Larry Craig won’t be running for reelection. I thought it was because of the lapel pin debacle. Silly me.

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Republican Manual: How to wear a lapel pin

With all the brouhaha over lapel pins, particularly those that are of the true Patriot ilk, we have a new batch of festering bullshit to contend with. The Party of Rat-bastards has issued a new manual for those who wish … Continue reading

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Larry the Tour Guide

Larry Craig has decided to stay in the Senate. I wonder if he will be giving guided tours of MSP during the 2008 Republican National Convention.

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Fear and loathing in the Twin Cities

Read Greg Sargent’s piece reference Senator Craig’s decision to request his plea bargain be withdrawn. I am not an attorney so I will leave speculation as to what the outcome might be to others more qualified. However, an interesting fact … Continue reading

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