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Conservatives do not believe the government can handle the lunch money correctly. Why do they believe the federal government is capable of protecting us from all those vicious terrorists?

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Liberal Stones

Matthew Yglesias gets it right: The idea that we should be laying awake at night afraid that a group of at most several thousand people who control almost no territory or valuable military equipment might establish a universal caliphate or … Continue reading

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One Pissed Off Turkey

The Turks seem to think we support terrorists. Cooperate my ass! Lets just piss them off.

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Barack Obama finally said what needed to be said. A forthright rejection of the shame and Un-American activities that are rendition, torture and Guantanamo. Here’s the money quote: To lead the world, we must lead by example. We must be … Continue reading

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Bring back the draft

Interesting set of statistics and analysis. Q: How do you bring the troops home from Iraq? A: (See title of this post) Bring back military conscription, similar to that of WWII (very few deferments), and the five brothers slogging out … Continue reading

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