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Permanent Surge

I, and many others, are not convinced the so-called Surge is “working.” That is not to say that our very fine military has not completed every task assigned. They have done so, and with get sacrifice, honor and courage. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Hate Speech vs Free Speech

I absolutely despise those who hurl epithets about. But I also support their right to say those awful things. Glennzilla has an excellent post about Canada’s so-called Alberta Human Rights Commission. The analysis is right on, and quite admirable, because … Continue reading

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Just the Facts Please

Glenn Greenwald continues to kill the establishment media in DC. I mean he is killing them: For that reason, when establishment journalists are called “stenographers,” the real insult is to professional stenographers, who are scrupulous about recording what everyone says … Continue reading

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WSJ, BDS and some acronyms we’ll get to later

Boo hoo! A supporter of the Former Cheerleader and His Gang of War Criminals feels those meanys that hate Bush should apologize. Golly! Those mean liberals really are just a bunch of brutes. Lions, tigers, and …. Oh my! Glenn … Continue reading

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Best Blog Comment of the Day

Perhaps Boylan can pick up a few tips from O.J. on how to conduct a search for the “real culprit.” Nice.

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Military Intelligence

Looks like Glenn Greenwald’s buddy Colonel Steve has got quite an attitude problem when it comes to dealing with media. Whoa! The Colonel needs to have a sip of Wild Turkey and chill the fuck out.

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Cheerleading for the Cheerleader

Glenn Greenwald stomps the war cheerleaders a new asshole: The real reason that Bush — while spewing lofty War of Civilization rhetoric for years — never even suggested, let alone compelled, a duty of military service is because he knows … Continue reading

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