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A Hopefule Sign? … Don’t hold your breath … cowards and war criminals

Maybe, just maybe, their is hope for the Republicans, and the Senate in general (but I’m not holding my breath). Lindsay Graham questioned BG Hartmann, the legal adviser at Gitmo about waterboarding. Graham deserves credit for pressing the issue. Sen. … Continue reading

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Shame and Degradation

The former Cheerleader and his band of war criminals blemished the traditions of justice with insane policy and the mistreatment of detainees at Gitmo. Here’s a little reminder of the cost.

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Still the Greatest Generation

Silence is golden. WWII Vet responsible for interrogating top echelon tell the former Cheerleader and his thugs to stick it. The rest of the group guarantees the moniker Greatest Generation is in no danger of being stolen away by the … Continue reading

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