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Another Brick in the Wall

The NY Times reports that revered civil rights pioneer Congressman John Lewis (D-GA), announced he will now cast his super delegate vote for Barack Obama after initially saying he would cast his vote for Hillary Clinton.  (h/t Memeorandum) The NM … Continue reading

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Making the Rational Case for Obama

This kid’s probably got a pretty good future in any endeavor he wishes to pursue.  Let’s hope he chooses politics. The country could use young  people with  a rational approach to  politics. Lessig’s video is 20 minutes long, but  he … Continue reading

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A Moment

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” — Maria Shriver quoting an old Hopi prayer at the Get Out the Vote Rally for Barack Obama in Los Angeles: February 3, 2008

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Another Kennedy for Obama

California First Lady Maria Shriver endorsed Barack Obama today. The Moderate Voice has this: Her appearance came at the end of a high-powered rally that did not have Obama himself, but speeches by Carolyn Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama … Continue reading

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Another Endorsement

LA Times endorses Obama.

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Gore for Obama, Redux

Marc Ambinder discusses the possibility of an Obama endorsement by former VP Al Gore. According to Ambinder’s source Gore is going to “lay low.” Coy at best, the source did not reject the idea that Gore would endorse a candidate. … Continue reading

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Ted Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama

The Old Dog still has quite a bite. A mild smack down of Clinton, but the JFK imagery is quite stirring.

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