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The Rest of the Story?

By now you’ve heard about Eliot Spitzer allegedly doing the nasty with a hooker. Naughty boy. Jane Hamsher asks some very intriguing questions about the case.

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Banning the Muckrakers

Josh Marshall over at TPM was given official notice today that they would not be on the email distribution list for DOJ press releases. Evidently the DOJ did not have enough “room” on the list for them. No. I am … Continue reading

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Prosecutorial Misconduct in Dixie

Law and order my ass. Scott Horton’s continuing series on the political prisoner and former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. This series began back in June 2007 and is required reading for all those interested in the politicizing of the DOJ … Continue reading

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Legal Fiction (or Justice in the Former Cheerleader’s America)

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick lists the Bush administration’s dumbest legal arguments of the year. Its stunning when you put them all together. The breadth of the stupidity and crass arrogance befits any banana republic. Shame. Its difficult to pick a favorite, … Continue reading

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FISA Works

But it requires the over politicized DOJ to pull their heads out of their asses. It took these dumb bastards NINE hours to get a special FISA approval. The original FISA law generally requires court orders if the government conducts … Continue reading

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Iglesias bashing and the NM GOP

to: all the Iglesias bashers: Why do you think the charges against Manny and crew were announced in April? From the documents and reporting I have seen it appears that key plea agreements were necessary in order to solidify cases … Continue reading

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