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Channeling His Inner Doc Thompson

Matt Taibbi’s excellent take down of the Axis of Capitulation (Reid/Pelosi) is a must read.  Taibbi says: … the Democrats have essentially decided to rely on the voters to give them credit for being anti-war, despite the fact that, for … Continue reading

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Why Ron Paul is Important

I am not a Ron Paul supporter, and I DO NOT want him to be President. He’s an evolution denying gold bug, with a radical anti-abortion stance that precludes me from supporting him. But—I do want these important issues in … Continue reading

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The Unitary Executive and the Fragmented Legislature

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.–George Orwell Frank Rich writes about the fearmongering Imperial President, his consolidation of power, and the cowardly Democrats, afraid of their own shadow … Continue reading

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Hail to the Abrogationist in Chief! (And His Supplicants in the Congress)

The President has the authority to pardon. But the former Cheerleader and his supplicants (Harry Reid, Jay Rockefeller to start with) in Congress have decided to forgo any sense of decency and give the corporate criminals from the major telecons … Continue reading

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Wish You Weren’t Here

One of the criticisms from the Former Cheerleader’s dead end supporters is that those who do not support his Monstrosity of a Fuck Up in Iraq is that we “wish for his failure.” Why? Because it would suit our political … Continue reading

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Democratic Mob Censures Bush In Effigy WASHINGTON, DC—Armed with neatly lettered signs, the mob angrily chanted “Down With the Idea of Executive Privilege, Both In General And As It Relates to Bush!” .onion_embed {background: rgb(256, 256, 256) !important;border: 4px solid … Continue reading

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Say what?

Rep. Woolsey jumps the shark. I say we give the Democrats at least another four years in Congress to fuck up the country as much as the R’s have. Besides it should be the Democrats turn to appoint a few … Continue reading

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