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Return of the Neutered Imus

Don Imus will return to the airwaves on Monday, December 3rd with a pay cut and a 21-second delay. Whoa! You read that right–a 21-second delay. The rambunctious cowboy wannabe has been effectively neutered. I would be curious to know … Continue reading

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Cowards to the Right of Me

The utter illogic of the modern conservative movement finally settles into self-parody. These sad pathetic cowards hide behind computer screens and hope that the abrogation of civil liberties will keep them safe from all the bad things in the world. … Continue reading

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Missing Reagan

I never thought these words would cross my mind but here goes: I miss the authenticity of Ronald Reagan. Not only is the former Cheerleader NOT a cowboy, he is afraid of horses. Let us also recall that the Cheerleader … Continue reading

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Shared Sacrifice

Military families feel alone in their sacrifice for the nation in a time of war. “Our experience is that it’s two different worlds — the one for everybody else, and the one for military families and service people,” agreed Laura … Continue reading

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Gardening tips, Ctd.

Mom continues to thin the herd.

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