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Time to Grow Up

The Republican Party is in turmoil and searching for its ideological soul. Traditional conservatism and compassionate conservatism are not true allies. Hardcore social conservatives, or at least most of them, are not secularists. They are also, obviously, not fiscal conservatives. … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Peanut Butter

I am a very strong supporter of 1st Amenedment rights. With the obvious exception of yelling “Fire!” in a movie theatre we here in the USA can say just about anything we want to say and the government cannot abrogate … Continue reading

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State and local rights

The terms “states rights” and “local authority” once meant, at least to the more Liberal mind, the notion of sheet wearing Klansmen and their government allies in Dixie. Fifty years of federalizing criminal and civil law, however well-intentioned, has now … Continue reading

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