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Joe Liebermans’s Sock Puppet

Apparently, from what I just read Joe Lieberman has got his head so far up McCain’s ass that he’s now speaking for him. Here’s the proof: In Israel yesterday, NBC’s Lauren Appelbaum reports, Lieberman once again intervened when McCain made … Continue reading

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A Florida Solution, Redux

Tonight CNN reports: Florida Senate Democratic Leader Steven Geller and Sen. Jeremy Ring outlined a proposal to seat all the delegates at the convention in August. The plan recommends seating half of Florida’s 210 delegates based on the results of … Continue reading

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Not. This. Time.

I agree with Pete Abel over at the Moderate Voice that about 29 minutes in is the crux of the matter. … we have a choice in this country. We can accept a politics that breeds division, and conflict, and … Continue reading

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Kristol Clear, Redux (UPDATED)

Marc Ambinder points out an error in William Kristol’s column this morning: Bill Kristol’s New York Times column about Barack Obama this morning contains a major, prejudicial error. Paragraph five: But Ronald Kessler, a journalist who has written about Wright’s … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton On The Electoral Map: Just Answer the Question!

Nothing quite like a Clintonian response to a simple question. from http://www.redlasso.com posted with vodpod (h/t Huffington Post)

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McCain’s Cynical Foreign Policy Ploy, or Is It?

John McCain may be guilty of being less than his self proclaimed Straight Express. Simes said McCain, one of the Nixon Center’s advisors, has privately assured prominent supporters in the traditional foreign policy camp that “his more exuberant statements don’t … Continue reading

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Big Money Democrats and their Support for Clinton (Threatening the DNC)

A special thanks to 2parse blog for this tip. When all else fails extortion seems to be the coin of the realm for big money Clinton supporters. Time and time again the biggest headache for the Democrats has been the … Continue reading

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