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Bill Clinton: Getting in HRC’s way again?

Is this New York Times story of Bill Clinton’s use of his reputation as a former President going to suck the oxygen out of Hillary’s campaign this week? It doesn’t accuse him of any wrongdoing, but it will call into … Continue reading

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Hitchens and the Clintons

NEWSFLASH: Christopher Hitchens hates the Clintons. OK, maybe not breaking news but he once again proves why he might be once of the finest political writers alive today. His criticism of the Clintons is spot on, but more damning is … Continue reading

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Please tell me he didn’t just say that.

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Hillary is Tougher than Nelson Mandela?

Bill grasps at the quickly vanishing straws when he says: “I go to Nelson Mandela’s birthday party every year and we’re still very close. I believe if Yitzhak Rabin had not been murdered in 1995 we would have peace in … Continue reading

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He Just Can’t Help Himself, Can He?

Bill Clinton has done it again. Why is one of the greatest campaigners of the 20th Century putting his foot in his mouth? Again. HRC and her campaign are going to love explaining this: “Well, the first thing she intends … Continue reading

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Judgment vs Experience (UPDATED)

Staff writer Jason Clayworth has an interesting piece in today’s Des Moines Register. The article focuses on the recent dust up with Hillary over his teenage drug use, but near the end of the piece is an interesting comment from … Continue reading

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No Shit Sherlock

Apparently Sherlock Holmes now works for the Washington Post. Money quote: Former president Bill Clinton has emerged as a clear asset in his wife’s campaign for the White House, with Americans offering high ratings to his eight years in office … Continue reading

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