What Has Obama Done For You … Lately?

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What’s In A Map?

Anyone who loves maps will want to take a look at this new award winning map of the United States.  Beautiful and packed with detail, this handcrafted piece done by a well respected artisanal cartographer shows what is possible when someone truly loves their craft.

(via Obsidian Wings)

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“… a deep sense of somebodiness.” — Martin Luther King

Today we, as a nation, pause to remember the birth of one of our great leaders, Martin Luther King.  Balloon Juice frontpager Tom Levenson links to a “newly recovered audio of an MLK speech to an Ohio High School in 1967.” Audo available at the link and a must listen as it contains that wonderful voice and words for an auditorium filled with Cleveland high schools students.

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New Gmail Sucks

I agree with Henry at Crooked Timber, the new gmail just plain old sucks.  Support his effort and click on the link in the last sentence.  Read his blog entry and create you own link to it if you have your own blog.

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… and then, he turned 26!

Neil deGrasse Tyson on the writings of Sir Isaac Newton.

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Fun facts about Newt

Fun facts about Newt.

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Intelligent Life?

I wonder how many travelers from a distant galaxy have zipped by our little third rock from the sun and, after some study, have decided no intelligent life exists on this planet.

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