Doctor of Divinity

After years of Decadence and Depravity in the high desert of New Mexico I decided to do some good in this life. I am now in search of what that good might be and becoming an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church just seemed a logical way to do that. Why the ULC? Why the Hell not?


4 Responses to Doctor of Divinity

  1. Ah Brother Minister – we should have a retreat with plenty of Holy Fishing and nicely brewed Holly beverage sometime.

    Hey any excuse!

  2. Yes! A bit of Holy Ale and Holy Fishing would be a saintly and worthy event to attend.

  3. matausch says:

    Hey brother,
    I was surfing on wordpress a bit, and I found your page. Always nice to meet a fellow reverend πŸ™‚


  4. Ben Hoffman says:

    Cool! No more taxes! πŸ™‚

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