Cycling As A Lifestyle

Vik’s advice (and sound it is!):

Here are some suggestions for success:

  • make biking the default option for getting around and justify each car trip
  • have a practical bike ready to roll in good condition
  • have a pannier with tools, lock and your bike clothing close at hand
  • make sure your bike is comfortable
  • pay attention to how you feel after riding to get somewhere vs. driving [use this as motivation]
  • when you are ready to justify driving make sure you’ve prioritized your health and given that enough weight in the decision
  • work out safe/enjoyable bike routes to the areas of town around you that you often travel to

I don’t have anything to add other than to say that the best thing you can do is get on your bicycle and RIDE! I have lost a lot of weight since January 2009 but I couldn’t get my waist down below 37-38 inches.  Since I began riding again in June of this year I am down to a 34 inch waist.  I have no idea how much I weigh but my guess would be 210 pounds, but I don’t care because I feel and look healthy, I have lots of energy, I can ride 40 miles and have plenty of energy left, and I sleep 9-10 hours a night.  Not bad for a 56 year old guy, eh.  (And I make those biking shorts I wear look pretty darn good. But you already knew that.)

Ride safe and stay healthy.  Your kids and grandkids will thank you for it.


About The Ancient Randonneur

A randonneur and epicure without a sinecure.
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One Response to Cycling As A Lifestyle

  1. Dan says:

    I am personally tired of sharing the road with bicycles. You belong in parks and on sidewalks and not on roads. period.


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