Today’s Ride

Here is a map of my ride today. I ride this route regularly (at least once a month) and find it to be particularly beautiful. Woodstock, VT is a lovely destination and a great place to stop and have a nice rest with refreshments and a snack right on the village green. If you are ever in Woodstock make sure to stop by Gillingham’s.  You can find these general stores in almost every town in Vermont. Gillingham’s has some excellent prices and well worth a stop.  (They sell my favorite beer! Right now they’ve got a lot of local produce as we near the end of the growing season. You can still pick up a set of Allen wrenches or fishing tackle if you happen to need these items, as well.)

The terrain is rolling hills with a couple of long, slow climbs but nothing to challenging for any moderately fit cyclist.  The traffic is negligible on the mapped route as most drivers take Rte 4 to get to Woodstock. You travel through traditional Vermont hill farms and Queche Lake Resort to avoid most of the vehicle traffic and take in the scenery.  Biking Vermont is the best way to see just how beautiful it is here.  And now is a great time as we head toward Peak Foliage Season!


About The Ancient Randonneur

A randonneur and epicure without a sinecure.
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