A Florida Solution, Redux

Tonight CNN reports:

Florida Senate Democratic Leader Steven Geller and Sen. Jeremy Ring outlined a proposal to seat all the delegates at the convention in August.

The plan recommends seating half of Florida’s 210 delegates based on the results of the January 29 primary.

The remaining delegates could be allocated in a number of ways, including evenly, proportionally based on the national popular vote (excluding Florida and Michigan) or proportionally based on the total national delegate count, also excluding Florida and Michigan.

“I invite the campaigns to endorse our compromise to ensure victory in November,” Ring said.

The Obama and Clinton campaigns had no immediate comment on the plan.

This may be the incentive for the campaigns to finally agree.

“There is no do-over, no mail-in ballots, no complicated math. Just the basic process of American democracy is in play here.”

We shall see. But I’m not sure this falls into the Clinton criteria of seat as voted or do a revote. Obama has restated his position that he would abide by any DNC decision.


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One Response to A Florida Solution, Redux

  1. melvinram says:

    How stupid are the people suggestion this plan? I can only imagine what was running through their mind:

    “We were dumb enough to run a pointless primary that most people in our state knew wouldn’t count so they didn’t vote, had only limited selection on the ballot and now we want half of our delegates to be seated and awarded based on voting results good as garbage. I think we’re smart for even thinking this. How do we do it? We’re geniuses!”

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