Last Tuesday’s Good News for Obama

While Andrew was on suicide watch last Tuesday, California’s primary was certified official.

I just had a Jager shot, and hope to get drunk very soon. So this is my last post of the night. Here’s what I’ll do in the morning: find out who won the most delegates in the March 4 states, and check someone else’s math (yes, I’m not going to get it wrong myself) to see who subsequently has the numbers to win. And then take a deep breath. And say what I think. Right now, emotion clouds the mind. Oh, and Jager.

Diligent pro-Obama bloggers dug up this nugget of good news.

The final delegates will be 203 for Clinton to 167 for Obama.

According to FLDem5 at the Great Orange Satan pledged delegates totals swung in Obama’s favor and no major media site has picked up that fact yet.

-4 for Clinton, +4 for Obama. An eight delegate swing!

This narrows or effectively erases Clinton’s delegate pick up from that very same Tuesday.


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