Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail … How to Fix the MI and FL problem

Chris Bowers proposes this possible solution for seating MI and FL at the convention:

I think seating Florida’s delegation as is (105 Clinton, 67
Obama, 13 Edwards) and holding a new Michigan caucus (with 128 pledged
delegates at stake) would be an acceptable compromise …

While I agree that this solution has merit I believe a penalty is still necessary to discourage bad behavior. We want the rank and file Democrats to be heard. The DNC
could strip the SD’s from both states because it is the state party leadership that was responsible for this mess. Then we have the appropriate folks paying a penalty.

Although the Florida Republican Legislature made life difficult for the Democrats; last summer the DNC offered to pay for a separate Presidential nominating primary but the Florida Democrats turned it down.

The other caveat I would place on this is that MI should hold what’s known as a firehouse caucus. Its no different than a regular primary election but it may have shorter hours and some precincts are consolidated since only Democrats will vote in it. Ballots are secret and the hours are long enough for people to vote, and if you throw in early voting it should turn out pretty well.

Rank and file Democrats in Florida and Michigan are heard which is what most of us want.


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