Mark Penn Was Right

Unless a major meltdown occurs in the TX caucus this day was basically a wash for pledged delegates. The pledged delegates are what count.

Again and again, this race has shown that it is voters and delegates who matter, not the pundits or perceived “momentum.”—Mark Penn, chief strategist HRC campaign, 2/13/08

Unless we end up with a major surprise in the TX caucus we will end up with a wash for the this day of elections. In other words, Clinton is still more the 100 pledged delegates behind. This Tuesday night is much like Super Tuesday, in that once the dust settles reality will bite Clinton in the ass. Its about the delegates.Her chance of making up the difference in the pledged delegate
count is so close to zero that her only plausible path to the
nomination is to convince the super delegates to commit to her.

Once again the much vaunted Clinton machine–which had a twenty plus point lead in both Texas and Ohio less than one month ago–has been battled to a standstill by the upstart Senator from Ohio.

(h/t John Aravosis)


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