The Empress Strikes Back

Because Obama has been so successful Clinton is now forced to run against NAFTA, and in effect, Bill Clinton. She is also running against 8 years of her own 35 years of experience. The Clinton campaign has been out thought and out maneuvered. Again. One can fault the Obama mailer for the manner in which a third party quote appears to be from Clinton. I would prefer that minor error not be present, but it is meager when compared to how Clinton has campaigned. Here’s a little treat from Jane Hamsher:

She’s not running against Obama anymore—she’s essentially running against Bill. I mean, I really don’t know how you utter the “It took a Clinton to clean up after a Bush” line in one breath, and then in the next admit that he fucked up the job.


For anyone still concerned about Rovean campaigning I recommend Larry Lessig’s very fine video supporting Barack Obama. So, yes, Clinton is fighting back, shadow boxing, as it were.


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