New Mexico’s Super Super Delegate

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is still being pursued by both the Clinton and Obama campaigns for an endorsement:

Mr. Richardson’s transition from supplicant to benefactor provides a glimpse into a rarefied theater of political persuasion. Within hours of his exit from the race, he received calls from Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama and John Edwards.

And this passage makes one think that Bill might be holding out for the highest bidder. But they may just be my cynical nature at work, because nowhere in the piece does it say that he has been made an offer.

He said he missed running for president “a great deal,” but he is trying to get on with the business of New Mexico. Yes, he admits thinking about being someone’s running mate, or maybe secretary of state. (My emphasis)

“I can’t preclude it,” the 60-year-old governor said. “But I’m not pining for it, and if it doesn’t happen, I’ve had a great life. I’m at peace with myself.”

Duh! As soon as Richardson began making noises about running for President the political blogosphere (particularly on the Right) lit up with talk of his campaign as a run for the Veep spot. Most of us here figured it was because of his longstanding relationship with Bill Clinton and the inevitability of the Clinton Restoration. Little did we suspect that an upstart junior Senator from Illinois, running a stunningly successful campaign for the nomination, might be at the top of the ticket.

(h/t Memeorandum)


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