Name One Thing He’s Done Since He’s Been in the Senate

A fair enough question since this video has made its rounds in the blogosphere. But, hilzoy at Obsidian Wings put up this post months ago. It should be linked to by every blog that supports Obama.

But it’s the wonky legislation that I love. That and the fact that, for a freshman Senator in the minority party, he has a decent record of getting his proposals enacted.

Mandatory reading for all Obama supporters.


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3 Responses to Name One Thing He’s Done Since He’s Been in the Senate

  1. Kat says:

    After reading Barack Obama (posted Oct. 24, 2006) yesterday, I emailed Hilzoy asking for an update – or for links to any updates posted since then. Hilzoy’s reply included a later post about Obama’s achievements:

    Obama: Actually, I Think We Can (February 04, 2008)

    Hilzoy said:
    ‘Also, for anyone who wants to do his or her own comparisons, I made lists of all the significant bills and amendments sponsored or co-sponsored by Obama and Clinton during the time they were both in the Senate that actually became law. (What ‘significant’ means is defined in the posts I’m about to link to; basically, a set of exclusions designed to prune things down. E.g., no bills naming post offices.) Here they are [with this poster’s inclusion of titles and dates]:’

    Solutions: Addendum (02-15-2008)

    But Wait: There’s More! (02-15-2008)

    All The Rest (02-15-2008)

    Hilzoy added:
    ‘They’re sort of tedious — just lists — but hopefully they’ll make it easier for some enterprising person, who might or might not be me, to do a more serious head to head comparison. My sense is that Obama is plainly more substantive than Clinton, but the point of these posts was to let everyone decide that for themselves.’

    Like you, I’m fed up with seeing comments, at various blogs, saying ‘Name one thing he’s done’. So, let’s email these links to everyone we know, and plaster them at every blog we frequent. With any luck, sooner or later some lackey in the mainstream media, who doesn’t realize he’s expected to both stay ignorant and keep us ignorant, will see them and give them an even wider audience.


    **Please, oh please, let the settings here allow 5 hyperlinks per post.**

  2. Kat says:

    Libby at Newshoggers just posted this about Hilzoy’s challenge:

    Following up on yesterday’s post, today Hilzoy posting at Daily Dish chides Chris Matthews for his boneheaded ‘interview,’ only she does it better. Here’s the money graf.

    “So here’s a challenge for Chris Matthews, or anyone else in the media who wants to take it up. Go over Clinton and Obama’s actual legislative records. Find the genuine legislative accomplishments that each has to his or her name. Report to the American people on what you find. Until you do, don’t accept statements from either side about who has substance and who does not, or who traffics in “speeches” and who offers “solutions”. That’s lazy, unprofessional, and a disservice to your audience.

    “Do your jobs. Don’t leave it to bloggers like me to do it for you.”

    I’ve been complaining about this for a long time. Our elite ‘professional’ journalists really are just plain lazy and they wait for the bloggers to deliver the stories while they primp for the cameras. Then they crib the narrative from Blogtopia once the bloggers do all the leg work. And they wonder why they get no respect from us? Of course I guess they don’t care so long as they’re the ones pulling in the big bucks.


  3. Thanks! I read Sullivan regularly and did catch her Chris Matthews piece. Quite good and very hilzoy in its precision of language and detail.

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