He’s In Her OODA Loop

The 527’s now gearing up to do whatever it is they hope to do will have little or no effect on the Obama Campaign.The Obama campaign is an example of 4th Generation asymmetrical warfare. You can read an excellent summary of how Obama is now inside Hillary’s OODA Loop in this James Fallows’ blog post.

OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. To react to changing reality faster than the opponent can, or to interfere with the opponent’s ability to perceive what is happening to him, is to “get inside his OODA loop.”


Now that Obama is inside the Clinton OODA loop—he has out thought her and successfully anticipated her every move—when she throws a punch he isn’t there. There’s nothing Clinton can do. It is too late for her to do anything that will save her campaign. Out-organized and out-thought, the Clinton campaign awaits almost certain defeat.

Clinton can muster all the negative campaigning she wants. Obama no longer attacks Clinton with more than a compendious response to specific criticism aired during the current news cycle. He moved past her to face the Main Enemy: Republicans.

The end game is nigh.

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