Can Hillary Win?

Lessig says no.


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4 Responses to Can Hillary Win?

  1. Thanks, as a spectator (UK) this election is fascinating.
    “The Torch has been passed…….” Excellent!

  2. rimofheaven says:

    Thank you. I hope this generation will be willing to surrender the torch. I’m an African-American living in Calais, ME. I support Barack Obama, but not because of his race, but the majority of Americans just don’t believe that it is possible for me to support him for any reason other than race. I admit that his race is important, but not because he is African-American. His race is important because his current success proves that there are Americans, small, young, old, male, female, black, white, latino, etc, who are ready to take the road less traveled in our great history: the road to untiy. Again, thank you. You helped me to understand how I feel about this who thing, and what is at stake.
    Take Care.

  3. “I’m an African-American …I support Barack Obama, but not because of his race”

    Race has little to do with charisma and purpose.

    I am a Black person in UK and the point you make is just a relevant to me although I should add that your fellow African-Americans appear to be unable to to see “black” as an umbrella term that encompasses many nations and types of people.

    Barack Obama is being accused of lacking substance but I see a catalyst for CHANGE that is growing gradually. I see a serious lack of media manipulation, instead I see grass-roots-level workers/volunteers infused with a sense of purpose.
    That in itself is exhilerating and I am glad I belong to this time of change.

    Global Tolerance and Understanding, (which is a whisper amidst the shrieks and screams of anger), is at stake.

    We can either learn to live or learn to kill.

  4. Sorry for not addressing it to,


    Hope that’s OK!

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