You don’t need too, millions already have…

I watch every primary and caucus, but each one makes me a little more confident Obama will win the nomination. Here’s an excerpt from a comment at True Blue Maine:

 Apparently at 4, they told people waiting in line that they would get in, but when we left at six (had hungry kids) people were still waiting to register and voting had not yet started.  so, they have tons of “absentee” votes that were turned in today to go through, along with the people who stayed to be counted.

When we left, one man trying to get in (it was too late) so he could vote for Obama, was told, you don’t need too, millions already have…

Many more votes will be cast before we know who the nominee is, but the race now has a new, never before seen element: momentum.


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One Response to You don’t need too, millions already have…

  1. outsider222 says:

    Quite a few people had to be turned away in Brunswick.(quite a mess)

    But in my precinct, there were still only about 8 people for Hillary, and one for Kucinich. A jillion for Obama.

    Does anyone know why the republicans have 3 days to caucus, but dems only have one?

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