Tracking Super Delegates

The Literary Outpost set up a comprehensive database for tracking super delegates aptly named the Super Delegate Transparency Project.

The delegate count from Super Tuesday is not yet fixed, but Bowers’
prediction is looking fairly spot-on at this point–even if the race is
significantly tighter than his proposed scenario on Monday. So, what we
have here, friends, is a potential FUBAR. What will those pesky super-delegates do?We need to pressure the super-delegates to be accountable to the
will of the people–not to a party machine or political favors. And,
frankly, not to pundits caught up in a love fest either. Our next
President should be elected BY THE PEOPLE.

Such a situation calls for some immediate action and
collaboration–to drive a stake of transparency into the heart of this
beast-of-a-process. The Outpost’s Mark Myers has an idea, which could
build on the efforts of OpenLeft and DemConventionWatch. And we could use your help to flesh it out. Here’s the LO-down:

We’re setting up a Super-Delegate Transparency Project, to
centralize the effort of collecting the raw data about super-delegates,
to whom they are pledged, and how people in their region voted in the
primary. So, as the convention approaches and the situation comes into
sharper focus, we will be in a position to call on real data rather
than hypotheticals to highlight this issue.

Please click through and read what The Literary Outpost and Chris Bowers have to say about this issue. Stroll over and see if you can lend a hand by tracking down super delegate commitments in your state. Let’s make sure our “representatives” represent the wishes of their constituents.

(NOTE: I am in the Obama camp, but I want this nomination based on the wishes of the rank and file. The super delegates should be encouraged to vote accordingly. Let the chips fall where they may. It’s about democracy.)


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