$5.01 Barack Obama “Money Bomb” Set for February 12th

2parse put this up on his blog and I love the idea of a large group of people doing a little bit.

On February 12th, the birthday of a prominent Illinois lawyer/politician, blueinks over at Daily Kos suggests a Barack Obama “Money Bomb”. Previously, Congressman Ron Paul has benefited from two “money bombs” – or independently organized online fund raising days.

I propose that on February 12th (Lincoln’s Birthday) we have a money bomb extravaganza of small donations of $5.01 for Senator Obama. The reasons for this amount are easy to see:

  1. Small donations are powering Obama’s campaign
  2. Lincoln is on the $5 bill and the penny
  3. .01 is also for us online progressives making a statement to the campaign that we are here and we’ve got money. That we aren’t the huge bundlers for campaigns. We sacrifice parts of paychecks that mean more proportionally to those of us with smaller incomes. We buy into Barack Obama because we do dream of a more hopeful future instead of cynicsm. I would much rather be called a Hopemonger than a Warmonger. So if you believe in the hope that small donors are powering the Obama campaign, please join me in showing that when Americans united with Hope can wield large influence with small donations!

(Corrected to reflect that 2parse is a man! Sorry 2parse. )


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One Response to $5.01 Barack Obama “Money Bomb” Set for February 12th

  1. joe@2parse says:

    Just a small correction – 2parse is “his blog”. I’m a guy.

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