Reports of Republicans switching parties to vote for Obama continue to trickle in. Here’s an interesting quote from some people who attended his rally in New Orleans:

Marissa Florindi, a Tulane senior from Randolph, N.J., said she’s drawn to Obama as an agent of change and isn’t worried about his perceived lack of experience.”Bush didn’t have any foreign policy experience when he was elected, so I don’t think experience is a make-of-break issue,” she said. “But we need change, and he represents what change is all about. He’s not part of the establishment and Hillary is.”

That’s part of Obama’s crossover appeal, said George Kobitz of Covington, who drove across Lake Pontchartrain before dawn with his wife and a sign reading “Obamacan,” signifying an Obama Republican. Obama has talked about trying to appeal to Republicans much the same way President Ronald Reagan garnered support from whole blocs of Democratic voters.

“I’ve been a Republican all my life and this Bush thing didn’t go over very well. If it was just Clinton, I would stay a Republican and vote for (Arizona Sen. John) McCain, but Obama’s about change,” said Kobitz, who has sent several donations to Obama’s campaign. “The Bush-Clinton era is over. We’re sick of it.”

Obama’s beginning to peal away moderate Republicans and consolidating his appeal to Independents. Bundle this new trend with his ability to raise millions of dollars overnight and it becomes apparent that we may be entering the endgame for the nomination.


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