I Hit The Jackpot!

And Obama thought he could raise money. See if he can top my $31 million in one day! Take that, Ron Paul!

P.M.B 141
PHONE : 234 7035174208
FAX: 234 1 8043905
EMAIL: senatortawar.wada@yahoo.com

Good Day ,
I am Senator Tawar Wada, Ex- Chairman of Committee on Niger Delta in the National Assembly,now Chairman Committee on Agriculture of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I write to Solicit for your assistance in helping to assist and thereafter transfer some funds into your account for safe keeping/investment.

MY INVESTMENT PROPOSAL : I have the sum of US$31,000,000.00 (Thirty One Million Dollars) that I intend to transfer overseas through your assistance as a foreign partner. This money is as a result of provision in the Federal government budget for unpaid contract amount to foreign contractors who executed contracts in the Niger – Delta in the Petroleum industry here in Nigeria.

This Budget was done by my committee,where it fronted my company among the foreign companies whom were awarded oil contracts. After successful execution, all payments have been made to beneficiaries/contractors leaving behind the amount due to be paid to my company to the tune of US$31,000,000.00 which is currently deposited in the Nigeria pex/Deposit Bank here in my country.

But as politician I can not lay claim directly to the funds or operate any foreign account
where i can transfer these funds because its against political code of conduct of my position or my company to have participated in the contracts execution, hence I am calling for your assistance to process the documentation and transfer the amount to your acount within a very short period of time.

This amount will be legally transfered to you so that we can have some lucrative investment together in your country. You will therefore, be standing as the beneficiary and I will through my contact process this fund into your custody. As soon as you consent to this, I will imediately send you titled documents to the fund in your company’s name that you will provide to you can lay legal claim for it. The fund shall be transferred to you legally in accordance to all laid down procedures governing transfer of funds from the Central Bank of Nigeria. I have perfected all modalities for the successful claim of this money to whom would be the beneficiary in place of my company. I stand to reassure you that this transaction does not involved any risk.You can reach me through my contact details above for any further enquiry,Thank you for your anticipated cooperation as I await your response.

Kind Regards,
Senator Tawar Wada

I’ll call you from my new vacation home in Aspen… Later.


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A randonneur and epicure without a sinecure.
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