NM Democratic Party Lacks Qualified Adult Leadership

I am disgusted by the New Mexico Democratic Party leadership. They have not acquitted themselves well and Colon should be removed from office. He and Denish have both said, on camera, “no one could have imagined.” What? Every caucus and primary has seen historic turn out. What made them think it wouldn’t happen here. NM was going to be different? Democrats are motivated to vote, and this race has two great candidates running. I’m old enough to remember LBJ signing the first Voting Rights Act. Our choices in this election. We have a woman and an African-American vying for our party’s nomination. Who would not want to be part of this historical moment? No one could have imagined? Ha! They must be channeling their inner Condi Rice. No one could have imagined, indeed.

It is the utter lack of imagination on the part of Mr. Colon and the rest of the Democratic leadership that has disenfranchised thousand of motivated Democrats. I always thought that was the role of the Republicans, but I guess an ineffective Democratic party leadership will do in a pinch.

Did I mention that I am disgusted by the NM Democratic Party leadership. We need better Democrats, and I sincerely hope every incumbent has a primary challenge. Most of the incumbents don’t deserve re-election.

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One Response to NM Democratic Party Lacks Qualified Adult Leadership

  1. keegan says:

    Again, as many have said before. The system is run by volunteers, the system is paid for via donations. Everyone is upset that things didn’t work properly but we need to figure out how to reform the system. The volunteers within the party that have been and still are working their butts off are not the problem, nor are they trying to suppress votes. Its easy to get fired up when things don’t work out but turnout was 4 times what it was in 2004! No one could have expected that.

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