Blackwater and Justice

Read Scott Horton’s analysis of Blackwater and its ties to the Bush Administration. So much is wrong with the relationship between Blackwater and the political party of the President that I don’t know where to start.

We are dealing with the most highly politicized Justice Department in American history. It wields law enforcement tools for partisan political purposes. Its perfect track record in ignoring crimes involving contractors in Iraq is a demonstration of that thesis. Those contractors are not entirely but substantially a handful of corporations with political connections at the top of the Administration, like Bechtel’s relationship with its former board member, Condoleezza Rice, or KBR’s relationship with its former CEO Dick Cheney. Blackwater’s ties are as deep, and in fact Blackwater continues to offer a ready escape pod for a number of figures bailing out of Team Bush in its last year. The governing rule at the Bush Justice Department is, as one loyal Bushie U.S. attorney down south likes to say, you don’t go after the “home team.” Blackwater belongs right at the core of the G.O.P.’s “home team.”

Horton’s post is a warning to anyone who thinks private armies like the one being amassed by Blackwater are innocuous. This particular issue is quite troubling and worthy of Congressional investigation.


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