War is Personal

Hilzoy reports that Obsidian Wings blogger Major Andrew Olmsted (G’kar) was killed in Iraq yesterday:

Andrew Olmsted, who also posted here as G’Kar, was killed yesterday in Iraq. Andy gave me a post to publish in the event of his death; the last revisions to it were made in July.

Andy was a wonderful person: decent, honorable, generous, principled, courageous, sweet, and very funny. The world has a horrible hole in it that nothing can fill. I’m glad Andy — generous as always — wrote something for me to publish now, since I have no words at all. Beyond: Andy, I will miss you.

My thoughts are with his wife, his parents, and his brother and sister.

I rarely comment at Obsidian Wings but I am a regular reader. G’kar was one of my favorites. From what I could tell he always loved movies and in particular, science fiction, as evidenced by his final posthumous post. Here’s to you Andy.

Lcdr Data: [at Lt Yar’s Wake] Sir, the purpose of this gathering confuses me.
Cpt Picard: Oh? In what way?
Lcdr Data: My thoughts are not of Tasha, but for myself. I keep thinking how empty it will be without her presence. Did I miss the point?
Cpt Picard: No, Data. You got it–Star Trek: The Next Generation

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