Obama/Richardson ’08?

I know Bill Richardson (my governor) has long and strong ties to Bill and HRC. Andrew Sullivan links to an Iowa Independent report that Richardson is asking his people to make Obama their second choice in places where he does not reach the 15% threshold is interesting. One can speculate as to what that strategy gains Richardson (and I can’t say I know the answer) but, what about an Obama/Richardson ticket?

Bill Richardson:

1. Former Congressman
2. Former Ambassador to UN
3. Former Energy Secretary
4. 5th year Governor of New Mexico
5. Fluent Spanish speaker
6. Strong on Environmental Issues
7. Only Democratic Candidate endorsed by the NRA (A majority of Western Democrats consider that a plus, myself included)

Recall that New Mexico is a swing state that went for Gore in 2000 (by less than 400 votes) and to Bush in 2004 (by roughly 6000 votes). Bill has lowered state income taxes, and has pretty strong bipartisan support in the state. In 2006 the original Republican candidate selected by the voters, was replaced by a well-known Party insider, who left the state, in a huff, after being trounced. A local Party operative crowed how successful they had been because they kept Bill from getting to the 70% mark. (I am not making that up!) Wow! Up is down, and Right is Left. But moral victory is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

But, his most potent political strength is that he knows how to talk with people. Bill is great at retail politics and has the political sophistication to be a formidable campaigner. I had only previously considered Bill looking for a VP slot with HRC, but I can now see him on the ticket with any Democrat.


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One Response to Obama/Richardson ’08?

  1. Ben says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much better Richardson getting in office would make the US! Since he’s not willing to be Vice President though, I just hope he’s able to beat Obama soon, so he can have Obama as his Vice President…

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