Why Ron Paul is Important

I am not a Ron Paul supporter, and I DO NOT want him to be President. He’s an evolution denying gold bug, with a radical anti-abortion stance that precludes me from supporting him. But—I do want these important issues in the spotlight. Now. It is for the same reason that I really like Chris Dodd on the other side. If he were not in the race I don’t know if the Democrats would voice any strong opposition to the power grab by the Current Occupant. OK, maybe they would talk the talk. Walk the walk? Unknown.

But what other Republican has stood firmly against the power grab by this Administration? Not one of the Republicans has expressed much concern about torture, warrantless wiretaps, and general abrogation of the 4th Amendment. Ron Paul is the one candidate who forces Republicans to express an opinion on these critical constitutional matters.

The two most important issues facing us are:

(1) Iraq, and the prosecution of the so-called War on Terror
(2) Expansion of Presidential power

All other issues pale in comparison. Nothing—and I include illegal immigration in that “nothing”—threatens us as immediately as these two issues. What other Republican has openly challenged the Administration? McCain, has done so timidly, but then did his best Arlen Specter/Lindsay Graham imitation and voted with the Former Cheerleaders team. Take Ron Paul out of the equation and you have a bunch of Daddy State proponents.

As much as I detest Democrats that think they know better how to spend my money, I despise the Daddy State Republicans for a power grab to defend me from all the “brown people.” I can always make more money, but I can’t buy Liberty.

So yeah, Ron Paul, should be included. If substantial, policy driven debate is warranted (and it is) then a few of the Bush Clones should be eliminated first. If the Republicans are looking for a choir singing the same song then barring Ron Paul from the debate is the way to go. Democrats are lacing up the gloves while we sit here and read this missive and the Republicans are on the ropes.

Ron Paul might be the lone voice of sanity, oddly enough,in a field of Republicans stuck in the World According to Bush. But don’t listen to me. I’ve been afflicted with BDS since I found out through some old Army buddies that SF teams were being stood down and pulled out of Afghanistan in December ‘01 to be outfitted for a “new mission.” Nuff said.


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