Lindsay Graham: A Man Without Honor

Steve Benen, reports on that the shameless quisling Lindsay Graham put a hold on the Anti-Torture Bill now working its way through the Senate. This disgusting little wretch deserves every bad thing that happens to him. As I stated in a previous post:

Maybe, just maybe, their is hope for the Republicans, and the Senate in general (but I’m not holding my breath). Lindsay Graham questioned BG Hartmann, the legal adviser at Gitmo about waterboarding. Graham deserves credit for pressing the issue.

But, Graham is up to his old tricks and Digby has the rundown on this shameless little creature. You can always depend on the Republicans to consistently speak out of both sides of their mouths. Why am I not surprised?

Saying no to torture is a matter of national honor. Honor seems to have fallen out of the Right Wing lexicon. At least the honor as defined in any dictionary I am aware of.


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