The Vichy Democrats … A New Posse of Abrogationists is in Town

A little over one year after the American people took the Congress out of the hands of the Republicans, we find out the party given the responsibility to check the authoritarian rule of the Former Cheerleader and his Gang of War Criminals, is in fact: The Vichy Democrats. A money quote from Lambert at Corrente:

Well, I guess now I know why impeachment was “off the table.”

Jesus Sweating Christ! Is their anything these treacherous rat-bastards won’t go along with to stay in office? This ship is about to run aground, and we have no responsible leadership in sight.

Glenn Greenwald’s thoroughly vicious and entirely delicious take down of the Vichy Democrats is required reading for anyone sickened by the fetid odors emanating from this swamp filled with abrogationists and treacherous liars.

Torture didn’t become an American policy despite the best efforts of a righteous Democratic leadership to stop that. Torture became an American policy precisely because a meek and often outright supportive Democratic leadership continuously allowed it.

Time to drain the fetid Congressional swamp and rid ourselves of these quislings.


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