Reverend Huckabee Got Issues

Max Brantley wrote a great piece about Reverend Huckabee:

Huckabee does not take kindly to journalists who practice journalism.

Now that Reverend Huckabee has come under closer scrutiny by the media we find he does not like answering questions that make him appear to be NOT a nice guy. Well, this tells you how well loved he is in his former fiefdom:

If you think he left a well of warm feelings in Arkansas, note that Hillary Clinton had raised more money in Arkansas at last report and that a recent University of Arkansas Poll showed her a 35 to 8 percent leader over Huckabee in the presidential preferences of Arkansas residents. Only one-third of 33 Republican legislators have said they will support him for president.

Ouch! Less support than the woman Imus calls Satan. Damn, that has got to hurt.

Bye, bye Mike. We hardly knew ya.


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