An inconvenient god

Mitt Romney will give a Mormon speech this week. I don’t know what this says about America and the Republican Party, but it is too bad he feels compelled to make such a speech. I suspect it has more to do with getting the nomination of his party than any worries he may have about the general election. Much of the Christian Right is quite suspicious, and biased against anyone they perceive to be a non-Christian.

I don’t want Romney to be President, but that has to do with his willingness to be all things to all people to get elected. He might be the most obvious panderer in recent memory. With that said, I believe Romney should be challenged on the issues and not on his god of choice. If that is how we measure our politicians then Huckabee is definitely not a consideration for someone like me, based solely on the fact that he is an Evangelical Christian. In other words he aligns himself with people that believe in things so far from reality I have to wonder about their sanity. I could not vote for Huckabee because he is not an empiricist and does not believe in the supremacy of logic and reason. Science is less certain than his god? What? How is that possible. We have already suffered through two terms of a President that does not understand the basic workings of science. Another four years would be disastrous. I can’t vote for someone who believes his god is so mighty that no one can understand that god. Huh?

Mike, I’m glad your god is an awesome god. You have your faith. I have logic and reason. That gives me the warm fuzzies, and helps me sleep well at night.


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A randonneur and epicure without a sinecure.
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