A Nod’s as Good as a Wink …

Andrew Sullivan opines sweetly about a John McCain candidacy. John Cole disagrees.

I believe anyone who voted for the Military Commissions Act should be closely scrutinized as to qualification to be President. An argument can be made that this legislation would allow the President to hold an American citizen—that he or she deems a terrorist, and taken into custody on American soil—without the right to challenge that detention in a court of law. In other words if the President says you are a terrorist you have NO Civil Rights. Habeas Corpus has effectively been suspended under certain circumstances. Period. None. Nada. This provision of the Act has not been tested in a court of law so we don’t know if it would withstand scrutiny in a court of law … And, as exciting as the thought of Tom Delay being frog marched in shackles—never to be heard from again—is to me, I wouldn’t want it to happen to people I like. So … I guess … I’ll just leave that possibility to my dark, fetid fantasy world.

The Gelding, formerly know as the Maverick,John McCain voted for that legislation. Since he decided he wanted to be President. Again. The Gelding chose the Rovian path of 50% + 1 vote path to the White House. That really broke my heart and he lost my respect when he began this ridiculous trek.

I don’t agree with McCain on many issues that are important to me, but I always thought he would be a good President. These flip-flop’s on war, prisoner treatment, and such, have convinced he would not be a President I could be proud of. The only way I can see myself voting for him is if HRC is the Democratic candidate. Other than that I can’t pull the lever for him.

Of course it could be worse. HRC on one side and Rudy on the other, could quite easily be the signal that the American Dream is on its death bed and life support is being removed from the now terminal patient. But, don’t call me paranoid! One of them could not tell the simple truth if waterboarded and the other would allow your local jack-booted thugs to waterboard you for a traffic ticket. Jesus! Is it really getting that bad? Not yet. Not yet.

But … a nod’s as good as a wink to a blind horse.


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