Confessions of a Blogger

Andrew Sullivan, one of my favorite bloggers, speaks with Jennie Rothenberg Gritz an associate editor for the Atlantic Online. Read the entire interview, but I really like what he has to say about New Media and the Blogoshphere and how it may have contributed to his increasing skepticism. Money Quote:

That’s interesting. Your politics have changed because of the nature of the medium itself?

Yes, I’ve become more skeptical of doctrines and more skeptical of ideology and more skeptical of dogmatism. Including my own, occasionally. I think that my faith life, for example, has become more deconstructed than it was and has allowed me to entertain doubt more thoroughly.

But of course, it also helps to have been fantastically wrong about the Iraq War, the most important decision made in national life in a long time, and to have spent the last five years accounting for that and trying to explain that and understand it better. I think my readers—I hope, anyway—forgive me for some of that, as long as I’m candid and honest about it.

The task of talking out loud about one’s own mistakes is a very helpful thing to do. I think it’s more helpful than pretending you know everything and proclaiming every now and again from some high horse what the truth is. Blogging is a whole new way of writing, and a new way of experiencing the world. It’s very real and very human.

A daily journal as therapy is not a new idea, but doing it so publicly is quite unprecedented. Sullivan can be a bit shrill when it comes to his dislike of the Clintons, but he is even more so with regard to the former Cheerleader and his gang of thugs.


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