Leadership vs. Management

In this post about Fred Thompson; Andrew Sullivan links to this ABCNews.com piece by Jake Tapper and Katie Hinman. He highlighted the final paragraph and Thompson’s apparent “humble Christianity.” Interesting. But several paragraphs earlier Thompson took a swipe at Rudy and Mitt:

Asked about his lack of executive experience that Giuliani had as a mayor or Romney had as a governor, he said, “Management’s important, but leadership is more important. Managers are people who leaders hire.”

In today’s NYT this article about a NYC public golf course boondoggle begun during Rudy’s “management” tenure should give anyone second thoughts about his actual skill level. A little taste of Rudy’s “management” experience:

The $84 million Ferry Point Golf Course, planned for a former municipal landfill in the east Bronx near the Whitestone Bridge, has been under construction for seven years. But even now there is no grass or trees, and the area frequently smells of the methane gas produced by the rotting garbage beneath it.

Plans for the course were first announced in 1998 by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. It was supposed to have been built at a cost of $22.4 million, and to have opened in 2001. The hope was that it would one day serve as host to the United States Open and other premier tournaments.

But the site — 222 acres in the Throgs Neck neighborhood with views of the Manhattan skyline — has been plagued by problems including the discovery of high levels of methane gas, as well as arsenic, lead and other toxic substances.

Whoopee! With Rudy we get: More Spending! More Endless War! More Abrogation of the 4th Amendment! More Imperial Presidency! Cazart!

I can hardly wait.


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